Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To

SOUND, ANIMATION, TEXT, CUSTOM CODE (Installation size variable)

This interactive and continually morphing work explores the multiplicity and diversity of the Marian figure all over the world while contemplating icon making, data vs insight, the logic of generative adversarial networks and what it means to be a container for different and contradictory ideas to freely converge.

Play with the bot to explore her evolutions and transgressions, render your own version to contribute to a constantly morphing form.

Preview at www.ourladyoficanbeanythingyouwantmeto.com


FRIN/GE, Group Show at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana, 2021
Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2021
Asian Art Biennale, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, Curated by Anushka Rajendran, 2021
P´╗┐latform Asia, Sudden Beams, UK, 2023