2018 | EDTOR

A research film directed by Ridham Janve, commissioned by SELCO FOUNDATION.

On the 2500 odd small islands on the Brahamaputra reside the Mising and Bodo tribes. These communities have had no access to basic infrastructure and services like health, schools, roads and energy. The only medical institution is 50 kms away which takes 5 hours by boat to reach. The Centre for North Eastern Studies started three boat clinics which eventually scaled up to 15 which sets up health camps for the communities residing on these islands. Of these boats, one of them was solar powered by SELCO Foundation, which helped uninterrupted flow of services, reduction of fuel consumption and ease in the living and working conditions of the boat staff. This boat has treated approximately 11,000 people, provided care to 600 pregnant women and immunized 580 children of the islands. This film is a research documentary to understand how the programme functions on the ground, and to help inform designing future programmes in the community.

Made with from Goa.